Karen Timson

Within every bottle of our fragrance lies a story of true love. Want to know why?

Myth and legend have inspired all Karen’s creations and as each perfume note unfolds so the story telling begins.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin….

Once upon a time, a young girl fell in love with fragrance, she grew up to be beautiful and wise but never forgot her first love, fragrance.

After many dalliances, some resulting in genuine love at the time, she rediscovered her first real true love and to this day they remain blissfully happy and united, with a passion so deep it defies all love stories that have gone before.

HERA The Story

In Greek mythology Hera rules over Mount Olympus as Queen of the Gods. She is the protectress of married women, presiding over weddings and blessing marital unions. That sounds like quite a nice job.

It is when Hera & Zeus marry, she is given orange blossoms by Gaea, the Goddess of earth and fertility.

As the myth goes Hera and Zeus had an amazing wedding night, that lasted 300 years! Not so shabby if somewhat exhausting. We reckon there is something to this orange blossom, as in Greece the expression ‘go gathering orange blossoms’ means ‘go to search for a wife.

HERA The Perfume

A fresh and zingy fragrance bursting with neroli, oranges, white florals and golden sunlight. A perfect unisex fragrance to lift your spirits. A halo of sunshine simply waiting for all you Gods and Goddesses to release the myth and shine bright.


King Arthur Pendragon, a brave Dragon Lord and he of the Round Table fame goes in to battle with his wife’s lover and most trusted and loyal Knight of the Round Table, Sir Lancelot. Merlin warns Arthur not to marry Guinevere as she was deemed untrustworthy. Sadly, Merlin’s fortune telling runs true.

However, Arthur and Guinevere marry, and she becomes his Queen. Queen of Camelot.

It is not long before the dashing Sir Lancelot du Lac hops on the shuttle from France and after a long ride on horseback from Dover, arrives and takes up his seat at the round table. Soon his dishy good looks and sexy french accent turn Guinevere’s head and she betrays her marriage to Arthur.

Arthur, whose love runs so deep, decides he must make a bid to win back his queen and a raging battle ensues dividing his court.

Again, wise Merlin warns King Arthur not to trust Mordred, another of his trusted Knights of the table round. He shows allegiance to Arthur but has his own love interest in Kara, a young druid girl. Again, love is misguided, as Mordred chooses to fight against his king in an effort to keep his love interest in Kara going.

The adulterous affair between Lancelot and Guinevere causes a civil war. A fearsome battle follows culminating with Arthur slaying his traitorous Mordred who in turn fatally wounds Arthur.

With Arthur gone, Lancelot hangs up his armour for the clothes of a monk.

Guinevere also retires to a convent in penitence for her infidelity.

The Kingdom of Camelot is lost and love dies with it.

As for Merlin, he is stuck in a time warp that only magicians can get stuck in. He cannot walk away due to the Pendragon’s words, which, meant to bring him hope yet thwarts any chance of closure.

All this for the love of a woman. Surely a pizza and date night would have been easier.


Unfolds with a flourish of bright herbaceous notes melded with a citrus peppery misting of bergamot that brings instantly to life this legendary fragrance. The spellbinding alchemy emerges as the sweet spice of coriander subtly unites with smoky leather. This noble duel intertwines traditional scents including oakmoss and sandalwood, to allow this truly adventurous fougère to reign throughout the day into night.

HERMIA The Story

In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hermia, a young Athenian elopes to the forest with her true love, Lysander to avoid being married to Demetrius, a marriage being forced on her by her father.

They tell their friend Helena everything, but she is secretly in love with Demetrius and fancies her chances.

Meanwhile, in the forest all sorts of fairy shenanigans are taking place. Love potions of magic flower juice are being concocted. The fairies are arguing, in tiny voices of course, and all manner of plays and stories are unfolding.

Puck, the most mischievous of fairies is on a mission as instructed by Oberon, the Fairy King, to seek this magic potion and put some into the eyes of his wife Titania whilst she is sleeping, to cast a spell on her to sort out a marital dispute. If only it was this easy. It fails and as she awakens, she sees Bottom, a fairy with an ass’s head and falls head over heels in love with him, much to Bottoms amusement.

A failed spell is clearly not good for affairs of the heart. Marriage guidance of a very mystical variety.

Oberon hears Helena and Demetrius arguing so instructs Puck, who clearly can’t be trusted, to place a drop of the magic flower love juice in the eyes of Demetrius so when he wakes, he will fall in love with Helena. But true to character, Puck gets his Athenians mixed up and places it in the eyes of Lysander instead. Lysander wakes from a strange dream, where the first woman he sees is Helena! How much worse can this get?

Now both Demetrius and Lysander are in love with Helena and poor heartbroken Hermia is distraught. Who wouldn’t be, bless her.

Eventually Oberon, realising Pucks mistake rectifies the situation and puts them all to sleep again whilst Puck, finally doing what he is told to do, places the antidote in to Lysanders eyes so that he no longer loves Helena but is free to love Hermia again.

After a night of restless dreams in the forest, they wake, confused, disoriented, and think they may have seen fairies! Sounds like a classic hangover from a Saturday night pre lockdown.

All is well that ends well and everyone finally marries the one they love no thanks to pesky Puck.

In the words of the lovely Lysander, “The course of true love never did run smooth”. Never was truer word spoken.

HERMIA The Perfume

An odyssey of fragrance that opens with the essence of zesty mandarin rippling over the citrus grove. Captivating drops of orange blossom enhance the romance further as the spicy notes of pink pepper unfold, mingling with the rich, wild red berry notes of cassis. The sensuality of Hermia begins to release the secret with soft, mystical notes of cedarwood, vetiver and basil that linger far beyond the initial citrus sparkle. The light and shade of a truly magical fragrance

ENVIDE The story

In Greek mythogy, Evadne, who we call Envide, for the sake of perfume artistry, was the daughter of Posiedon and Pitane. Her first love was the God Apollon, God of prophecy, music, song, poetry archery, healing and disease. Wow, that is some job description.

He, obviously thinking he rules the world, seduces Evadne and she bears him an illegitimate son. Fearing the wrath of her guardian, King Aipytos, abandons her illegitimate son in a patch of violets where the infant is nurtured on honey by the bees.

She names him Lamos, ‘Boy of the Violets’

ENVIDE The Perfume

A unisex floral fragrance that opens fresh and bright with a hint of greenness from the violet leaves.  It softens through to a lasting fragrance of velvety soft wood, amber, a gentle honeyed musk and sensual violets. No shrinking violets here, this is the perfect fragrance to get noticed.