Karen Timson

The Best Autumn Fragrances for Women Original review written by Haydn Williams, a Self-confessed fragrance addict and published by  Whatsbest.co.uk by Bauer Media – owners of Grazia and Heat magazines)

And we are delighted to share the news that Hermia Eau de Parfum is No 3 best autumn fragrance for women!

So, what makes this fragrance one of the best?

Here at KTFF we firmly believe that wearing a perfume that has been uniquely created and hand blended by our expert perfumer Karen Timson, using only the very best luxury materials and essential oils is what makes our fragrances the best and Hermia Eau de Parfum is no exception.

Originally released in our signature collection, Hermia is now a firm favourite with our customers and our best-selling fragrance.

If you only wear the best, then by definition you will always feel your best too.

Hermia Eau de Parfum is a beautiful luxurious fragrance that has been lovingly crafted to make you feel your best self.

Set yourself free in the citrus groves, squish the fallen fruits under your feet and tingle with the zest and zing of juicy, green mandarins. Heady orange blossom fills the air around you, leading you further in to the shadows. Sparks of aromatic pink pepper fly and sizzle like the fairies in a Midsummer Nights Dream and dance with buds of blackcurrant teasingly garnished with a sprig of basil. Just as light gives way to shade Hermia releases her final lingering secret, the aromatic depth of the forest where leaves crackle, cedars release their woody scent, and the dream unfolds before you. Come on in and discover the magic for yourself.