Karen Timson

An independent UK perfumery offering unique luxury fragrances created and blended in small batches by our expert perfumer Karen Timson

Are you looking for your signature fragrance or an  exclusively created perfume that no-one else will have and only you will be able to own?

Karen will expertly create your perfect wedding day fragrance by focusing entirely on you allowing your unique personality to truly shine bright on your special day.

Fill the air with love and fragrance and make spellbinding and everlasting memories that will be remembered forever.


To ensure you are happy with your perfume our Sample Plan allows you to try your perfume at home first as we understand that choosing a new fragrance can sometimes feel a bit tricky.

To make things easier for you we enclose a small sample vial of your chosen fragrance supplied outside of the main bottle allowing you to try your new perfume before opening your boxed fragrance.

If the fragrance is not quite right for you, simply leave the seal on your box unbroken, request a pre-paid return label via our website contact form (within 14 days of receiving your perfume) and you are welcome to return your perfume free of charge for a full refund. (Less original P&P)