Perfume Creation Service

Do you ever dream of having your own perfume and thought it too exclusive?

A fragrance no one else will be able to wear and only you will be able to buy.

Your perfume DNA will remain exclusively yours, allowing only you to order the same again.

Walk down the aisle on your wedding day enveloped in an aura of beautiful fragrance that you and your guests will remember forever. That unique present for someone special or simply because you want to stand out from the crowd.

All it takes is a few simple steps beginning with an exclusive consultation with our perfumer, Karen.

Karen’s experience and expertise in the art of perfumery combined with her detailed personal approach to your perfume requirements, will ensure that you will own a totally unique fragrance that is exclusively yours forever.

“I think it’s quite possibly the best present I have ever given him. He is so pleased with his fragrance and has loved everything about the process too, which was wonderful, thank you!” Hannah – Northamptonshire


PLEASE COMPLETE the CONTACT FORM below where a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss a convenient time for your initial consultation for both you and Karen. This may depend a little on our current waiting list.

We ask for non-refundable deposit of £100 prior to your initial consultation.

Thank you and we very much look forward to making your next perfume.

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