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Karen Timson - Fine Fragrance

COTTAGE GARDEN - Candle - 30cl

COTTAGE GARDEN - Candle - 30cl

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Lean back in your deckchair, relaxed,  allow your your fingertips to gently graze the newly cut lawn. Fill your senses with the natural beauty and fragrance of an English cottage garden in full bloom.


mock orange blossom

rambling rose



freshly cut grass



after summer rain

an oil painting by Constable

afternoon tea on the lawn

secret walled garden

30cl Soy Wax Candle in white glass. Burn time: approx. 40 hours

Review by Stephan Matthews -

"The fragrance of the candle is based around a traditional English garden but, from the outset, I want you to expand this idea to a slightly overgrown walled garden. You get a floral blend of rose, neroli and mock orange, so there’s a touch of jasmine within the scent, alongside an aromatic lavender. However, there’s a feeling that the sun is hitting the foliage and blooms, so there’s also the scent of green stems alongside an enveloping warmth. Now, that walled garden presents itself as a background aroma of dry frankincense, but it’s paired with a hint of ancient moss-covered steps to complete the scent. The candle has a wonderful throw, and a few of these inside a church or chapel would make the most incredible wedding fragrance".

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