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Karen Timson - Fine Fragrance

ROSA de RIO- Eau de Parfum

ROSA de RIO- Eau de Parfum

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Rio de Janeiro, where the dancing is hot and the caipirinhas are cool. Rosa de Rio is a fragrant story told through dance and song.

The scent opens with the delicious enticement of cachaça garnished with a twist of citrus, it hints at excitement and anticipation. A soft vanilla provides a grounding backdrop whilst sweet and spicy tonka bean, musky ambrette and sensual patchouli provide the rhythmic, beating heart of the samba.

Follow the dance as temperatures rise and the petals from a rose fall softly on to the dancefloor.

A gourmand fragrance for the free-spirited. Wear Rosa de Rio when you want to inject some excitement and intrigue into your day.



Mountain top:

rose, bergamot, citrus

Heart and soul:

cachaça, caipirinha, magnolia

Base rhythm:

patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla


Cocktail hour as the sun sets

Samba steps beating on a wooden dancefloor

The excitement of a first kiss

Dancing until dawn

"Rosa de Rio suits gorgeous warm, sunny days perfectly. The perfume is young, playful and cheerful. Fruity rose matched with sweet vanilla and a lemon twist. I get the boozy sweet notes of the Cachaça, but it never becomes too sugary for me because of the lemon and patchouli balancing it out. The tonka bean is also not too overpowering and it is spicy rather than sweet in this perfume.
This floral gourmand brings something different to the existing collection by perfumer Karen Timson and makes a great addition".

Review by Marit -spacedogblog - instagram

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